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Top Picks from Versace for H&M Full Collection

Studded Dress, $299


Black Silk Dress, $149. Purple Cutout Silk Dress, $149.

Red Cape Dress, $79.95. Cheetah Skirt, $69.95.

Studded Leather Jacket, $299. Sword & Shield Necklace, $24.95.

Emblem Choker, $39.95. Panther Choker, $49.95.


Varsity Jacket, $129. Blazer, $199.

Cheetah T-Shirt, $24.95. Tropical Print Shirt, $49.95.

Studded Leather Jacket, $299. Studded Shorts, $49.95.

Emblem Chain Bracelet, $29.95. Cuff, $34.95.

Black Leather Buckled Boots, $69.96.

THROWING.UP.MY.FUCKING.LUNCH! I am legit OBSESSED with a LARGE percentage of the Versace for H&M collection. First of all, I meannnnnn…CAN WE GET INTO THAT DRESS?! THANK.YOU.DONATELLA! We must do lunch soon ps:! So yeah, obviously loving the black studded dress, but how *CHIC* is this red cape-backed dress? Are you gagging like I’m gagging? MAJOR moment happening there. LOVING the accessories- PROBABLY gonna need two of everything in THAT department. Oh and GUYS? DON’T.SLEEP.ON.IT I know the iconic Versace prints may be a bit MUCH for you but listen, CARPE DIEM. HAVE.FUN. a little bit and play with the colors/prints. Everything I’ve selected for you is TOTALLY appropriate as long as you keep the rest of the outfit simple. And if you don’t at least buy the varsity jacket, then you’re probably on crack, out there fuckinnn #LOSING!

In 300 select H&M stores on November 17th. Will you be in line?

(via Fashionologie)