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The Cambridge Satchel

I wouldn’t say this is the new *IT* bag, it’s been out for a minute now, but it’s DEFINITELY a staple piece that EVERYONE should own. Every time I see it I immediately think of the Proenza Schouler PS1 bag we talked about last week, and the highly coveted Hermes Birkin bag we have yet to discuss. I’s kind of their love child, no?

But Guys, listen, this bag is not - I REPEAT, IS NOT - just for the ladies. Extremely versatile moment here. FUN.FOR.EVERYONE. The bag comes in about 12 different colors and multiple sizes/versions (The version displayed here is called “The Batchel”). Prices range anywhere from $125 - $150. NOT.BAD.AT.ALL. Also, for those who like to personalize things, there is even an option to have your initials added to the front of the flap for a few extra dollars. So tell Santa to step his game up and drop a Cambridge Satchel in that stocking! You’re welcome.

Get yours HERE @ The Cambridge Satchel Company.